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Discover India by India Association of Phoenix

Discover India 2018 Hosted by India Association of Phoenix

Overview: India Association of Phoenix (IAPHX), operating in the valley for 25 years to promote peace and
harmony, informs the public about the diversity of India and educate them on the rich Indian culture and
tradition. As an umbrella organization it represents sister organizations and on-profit associations of the people
of Indian origin. IAPHX is non-profit, non-religious and non-political. Discover India (DI) is the signature
event that IAPHX hosts annually to showcase Indian talents.
DI 2018: 17 th year of Discover India Festival – themed Fusion – is on November 10 from 11:00 A.M. to 6:00
P.M. at Scottsdale Civic Center Park. Guided by the cultural director, talented artists will offer programs
highlighting diverse Indian performing art forms. The performances will be an amazing artistic and cultural
juxtaposition if not a fusion of artistic and cultural contrast. Planning for the event is underway with an
elaborate promotion and advertisement agenda.

Live Performances: Guests will be exposed to similarities and differences in folk, popular, and traditional
music/dance forms that manifest the essence of the core culture of India. To be performed continuously are
traditional Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Odissi dances; folk/tribal dances such as Thiruvathira and
Garba; contemporary dances; and Bollywood dances. Special music and dance, colorful costumes and stage
props, and energy of participants and response of attendees – will transport audience to a far off land with a
vibrant cultural and artistic heritage. The popular music/dances to be offered will represent a merger of
music/dance moves inspiring the new generation of performers.

Booths and Workshops: Posters, photos, videos, musical instruments, and costumes will showcase Indian
culture and lifestyles. The event will capture the link of art to Indian family life, traditional teachings, exposure
to culture, and worship. Booths will reflect the appeal of Indian arts & crafts, costumes, jewelry, cuisine,
lifestyle, multiple facets of modern India, and tourism. As guests stroll down, the venue will come alive with
music, interactive workshops on visual/performing arts, crafts, yoga, and meditation, and aroma of Indian
cuisine. Volunteers manning booths will share influence of people of Indian origin through advancements in
education, science, business, technology, art, and architecture. The event will provide a forum for local Indian
and other businesses to promote them self.

Grand Finale: The music, dance, and allure of the stage will spill over to the park grounds as artists and
others parade in colorful costumes, energetically playing their musical instruments and dancing adding to the
enjoyment of the crowd. The parade will be a mini reproduction of what one will enjoy during a visit to India
during some of the most commonly celebrated events to include weddings, festivals, and special occasions.
Scottsdale Vice Mayor Guy Philips will deliver the host city address. The 2018 DI will be also a tribute to the
generous support and hospitality of the City of Scottsdale that is welcoming to visitors from far and near.